Getting past obstacles and enjoying the journey

It’s never about the challenge; it’s about the journey and the result you seek for yourself. It’s having the right mindset.

Every day we have obstacles and challenges, but the way we work to get to the other side is what defines us. It’s always about the journey.

Some people use prayer.

Some people use hope.

Some people use will power.

I use whatever I can draw on to get me through to where I know I was meant to be.

I won’t stop until I get what I want.

I love a good challenge because I know it will help me be a better version of myself by going through the journey.

After all isn’t it all about the journey we are on?

Sometimes people will hit a wall and think, wow that’s tough. And then stop.

Some people will get right up to the wall and just turn around. They won’t even attempt to see if the wall is made of cardboard or bricks. Just the thought of a wall sends them back the way they came.

Some people see that wall and know that what is on the other side is meant for them and will continue the journey.

No obstacle will stand in their way. They must be on the other side.

I’m one of those people. I’m unstoppable. Relentless in getting to the other side and enjoying what I learn on my journey in the process.

And I have learned plenty! And I’m sure you have too!

Haven’t we all learned plenty on the journey of life?

Joy in going through the improvement is the key to enjoying the journey despite the obstacles. Choosing joy at each moment regardless of how tough it is. Every moment in life is a choice. You can choose joy. Or you can choose frustration or sadness or anger.

It's all a choice. Your choice.

- Suzette Mariel -

Are your choices serving you?

Don’t let those obstacles get you down. Find a way to keep going on.

Don’t let the obstacles be better than your strength to succeed.

Don’t let the obstacles stop you when you know it’s worth fighting for.

Do you know the obstacles standing in your way?

There are all kinds of obstacles:

      • Complaining
      • Lack of skill
      • Procrastination
      • Disorganization
      • Lack of motivation
      • Fear
      • Complacency
      • Lack of will power
      • Self-doubt
      • Lack of discipline
      • Failure
      • Negative people
        • Perfectionism
      • Lack of knowledge

Sometimes those obstacles are personal.

Sometimes the obstacle is your mindset.

Sometimes the obstacles are social.

Sometimes the obstacles are financial.

Sometimes the obstacles are physical.

Whatever that obstacle is there is always a workaround or a way through. You just have to change your mindset and be willing to commit to finding it.

Don't let the obstacles stop you when you know it's worth fighting for.

- Suzette Mariel -

Find the reason to get past the obstacle. Sometimes what you need is a coach. If that is it, I’m here for you. Sometimes what you need is to just take the time to figure it out and put some action behind it.

Some great questions to ask yourself when faced with challenges are:

What can I actually control in this situation?

Who has faced what I am facing and can offer advice?

In what way with this help me grow?

What is the absolute worst that can happen?

What choices do I have?

And when it all feels too much and you need to go to the next level and you feel stuck, I’m here to help you step into high performance and get to the next level of growth and improve your mindset.

Always remember life is made up of the choices we make at the moment. What choice are you making?

If you are looking for a coach and you resonate with me let’s book a clarity call. Find a time that works for you here: 

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